Tulsi Botanical Body Oil


Nourish your body from the outside in with our botanical body oils - infused with potent organic herbs. This oil features tulsi, also known as holy basil, with a beautiful scent unlike any other. Tulsi is called the "elixir of life" and "queen of herbs."  This powerful adaptogenic plant is known for its ability to bring balance to the body + mind, helping relieve stress and promote resilience. She is a giving herb that also assists the body in its internal housekeeping and can protect from toxin-induced damage. 

Ingredients:  *Sunflower oil infused with **tulsi (holy basil), *hemp seed oil, *apricot kernel oil, vitamin E oil *organic ingredient **grown on our farm using organic practices

4 oz frosted amber glass bottle w/ treatment pump

Suggested Use: Pump into hands and massage generously into skin. Use to perform a lymphatic massage, moisturize & nourish your body's largest organ, and deliver herbal benefits to your body.


At Good Flower Farm, we believe that plant-based products with zero added chemicals can work just as well *if not better* than high-end brands with hard-to-pronounce, unsafe ingredients. Further, we grow organic herbs that we then use in our potent formulations to insure the highest-quality, most vibrant plant potions possible.

Our skincare is made with natural, organic, and wildcrafted ingredients. Everything we create has been carefully crafted and tested over several years in production.

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