Tea Series: Three Quintessential Oolong Varieties


Tea is something we experience as a powerful mechanism for realignment and connection, both in relation to self and others. Were we to grant tea a superlative, it might be for the most time-honored ritual. In subtle but impactful ways, tea can offer a reprieve from the gripping complexities and stressors of our times. 

Tea is one such possibility, and it is with great delight that we announce the second of our summer tea tastings. Intended as an ongoing series to chart the vast territory that is the world of tea, each tasting will encompass a specific intention or a thematic focus. A tasting could provide an introduction to a distinct family of tea, or constitute an inquiry into the actual differences between premium and mid to low-grade teas.

Our tea series will take place in the late afternoon and evenings throughout the summer during hours in which we are closed to the general public, thus offering an intimate opportunity to visit our space in a private setting. 


The word ‘oolong’ is a transliteration of the Chinese word ‘wulung’, or ‘dark dragon’ to signify the perceived resemblance of the tea’s dark, curled leaves to the mythical creature. What characterizes the wide category of Oolong teas is its partial oxidation; on the spectrum of green tea (no oxidation) to black tea (full oxidation) it lies somewhere in the middle. Fine tuning the oxidation process to yield a tea that can range from light to full bodied, sweet to toasty, floral to chocolatey is a complex demand. The differences between the flavors and types of oolong teas are often compared to the differences between fine wines.

For this tasting we will let our senses guide us to Taiwan, specifically the central highlands of Mingjian Village which is renowned for its nutrient-dense red soil. Featured teas include: Iron Goddess of Mercy, Bao Zhong & Four Seasons.

Paired with these teas, a variety of small bites will be served that include sweet and savory, gluten-free and vegan offerings: Vegetable Spring Rolls, Tea Infused Almond Cake, Vegan Fruit Mousse and more.


Each tasting lasts up to an hour and is limited to a small number of participants so as to devote undivided attention and the opportunity to engage with the history and nuances of tea preparation. Weather permitting this event will be held outdoors in our back patio space. 

  • $45.00 per person
  • There are only 24 openings total available
  • UPDATE: Thursday August 5th seatings at 3pm & 5pm
  • Sunday August 1st seating at 4pm

While this category of tea covers a lot of ground, we have chosen some exemplary teas central to a particular growing region that offer a fine introduction to Oolong. Please be in touch should you have further questions. Additional information will be emailed upon securing your seat. 

We hope you will join us in expanding your tea palette!

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