PALO SANTO / Spirit Bitters


Lending reverence to each meal, Palo Santo Spirit Bitters endow the digestive system with magick, intimate communion and lore, lifting us into a blissful state of conscious connection. Exotic notes of Cardamom, Vanilla, and Star Anise enhance the action of this formulation to enliven, refresh, and invigorate the entire digestive process.

TASTE & FEELING Smoky, sweet and woody with an exotic finish.

ACTIONS + Encourages conscious, intentional eating + Stimulates digestive secretions + Helps to tame an upset stomach + Freshens the breath + Helps break down fatty foods + Ensures proper absorption of nutrients + Discourages growth of bacteria 

Natural detoxifier Artisan Formula: Artesian well cane spirits, spring water, ethically and sustainably harvested Palo Santo bark, organic Cardamom seeds, organic Star Anise, organic Vanilla Bean, organic pure Vanilla extract.

1 oz Glass Bottle

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