Honey of Venus Face Mask


From Heart Grown Wild:

A face mask formulated simply with a base of raw Vermont honey infused with vitamin c rich Hibiscus, skin rejuvenating Helichrysum, and soft protecting Rose yielding a gorgeous alchemical pink hue in this floral mask. Serving as a hydrating alternative to typical clay masks, honey is a natural humectant. Humectant ingredients like honey help to draw in moisture. Honey on its own carries antibacterial qualities to assist with inflammation and is a powerful ingredient to help restore glowing skin. Additionally honey is a natural exfoliant due to the glycolic acid. This serves as a lovely, gentle alternative to harsh granules and micro-beads that threaten our delicate skin and oceans. When used as an exfoliant it helps to gently slough away dead skin cells so that your skin can best receive all your beautiful products.

 Ingredients: Raw VT Honey, Hibiscus, Helichrysum, Rose, Non GMO Vitamin E

2.3 oz Glass Jar

Suggested Ritual: Scoop a quarter size amount of honey out of the jar, and smooth onto wet skin. Wet skin helps to cut down on the viscosity of the honey so that it glides on with ease. This Mask can also be blended with a few drops of serum and hydrosol to make it extra decadent. Allow the mask to sit for 10-30 minutes. To exfoliate before removal, simply work the mask in circular motions before washing off to help gently slough away dead skin cells. Remove with a warm water and washcloth and follow up with a hydrosol based toner and a few drops of serum. 


Heart Grown Wild was founded on a vision to grow small, and to never compromise our core values of sustainability, safety, quality and access. Heart Grown Wild is dedicated to sustainably sourcing quality ingredients, focusing on our home state of Vermont first. We are committed to fostering direct relationships to source so that we can best assure that nothing but the best hugs your skin.

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