Holy Smoke Sage Spray


A spell for clearing and freshness. Experience the clearing power of sage smoke without the fire. Activates the throat energy center for clear air and communication. Shake and spray. Our magical recipe cleanses and clears on energetic and physical levels. It promotes calm while providing antiviral and antifungal properties. Blue kyanite essence stimulates easy and healthy communication. Magic Words: I release what no longer serves me. This is a space for freshness, lightness, and ease.

As with all LightHaus products, 7% of sales goes to charity: water, a fantastic org that brings clean, fresh water to communities around the world who need it!

Ingredients: essence of white sage, therapeutic grade sage, spearmint, lavender, cypress, peppermint, and ylang ylang essential oils, essences of blue kyanite and pink tourmaline quartz, touch of vodka, distilled water.

8oz Bottle

LightHaus is made by a coven of witches in Salem, MA. These products are the magical business baby of Jessica LaVoie's company, Evolving Light, and Erica Feldmann's shop, HausWitch. From Abracadabra to Holy Smoke, they've created a line of natural home cleaners that bring magic and intention into the home and to everyday life.

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