Heart Warmer Tincture


Suntrap Botanical is an herb farm & apothecary in Brooktondale, NY with a focus on the relationship between ecological and human health. Apothecary products are formulated & handcrafted by Geraldine Lavin. Their description as follows: 


A formula to promote intimacy with one self or the world around them. To take when the heart feels closed and cold. To remember sweetness, to feel loved. Maybe you’re grieving a relationship, a loved one, an old self, whatever it is: herbs can support you. Creating a ritual with these heart centered herbs can help a person move through a difficult time. Take on its own as needed, in small doses throughout the day, or in seltzer water as a refreshing uplifter.

A tincture formula of Hawthorn, Rose, Motherwort, Linden, Ginger, Honey.

Ingredients: Hawthorn (Crataegus spp.), Rose (Rosa Rugosa), Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca), Linden (Tilia americana),  Ginger (Zingiber officinale), NY raw honey, organic neutral spirits.

Dosage: Shake before use. 1 dropperful with water, as needed. Excellent added to bubbly water.

1 oz

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