Flowers & Rose Clay Botanical Face Mask


This brightening and hydrating mask is a botanical treat to purify, brighten, and moisturize skin. 

Ingredients: Rose kaolin clay, *rosehips powder, *rose flower powder, *hibiscus flower powder, *calendula flower powder, *fenugreek seed powder, *aloe vera leaf powder *organic ingredient

1 oz frosted glass jar (0.64 oz net weight)

Suggested Use:  For 1 mask, add hydrating agent (i.e.: warm water, your favorite hydrosol, aloe vera, green tea, etc.) to 1-2 tsp of mask mixture in separate bowl. Mix until smooth. Apply to clean skin + leave on until dry.


At Good Flower Farm, we believe that plant-based products with zero added chemicals can work just as well *if not better* than high-end brands with hard-to-pronounce, unsafe ingredients. Further, we grow organic herbs that we then use in our potent formulations to insure the highest-quality, most vibrant plant potions possible.

Our skincare is made with natural, organic, and wildcrafted ingredients. Everything we create has been carefully crafted and tested over several years in production.

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