Cold Pressed Juice Subscription (10 week)

Pick up Day:
  • A 10 week Cold Pressed Juice Subscription that includes an assortment of 6 fresh cold-pressed organic juices for pick up each week - 60 juices total! 
  • Our unique juice subscription is designed to let you choose your favorite juices based upon your personal needs and likes. 
  • Our hyperpremium Cold Pressed Juices are proudly made with organic ingredients, many of which are sourced directly from our local farms here in VT! These seasonally inspired, nutrient dense, organic juices are often paired with unique mycobotanical extracts to elevate your well-being!


How it works:

  • At the beginning of each week, you will be sent an email that shows you the juice options that can be selected from for that week.
  • From here you will pick and choose from our rotating selection of premium organic cold pressed juices that you would like that week.
  • Select up to 6 different juices with your bundle! You can mix and match to your liking - with the option of selecting up to two of the same kind of each juice.
  • Once your selection has been made for the week, we will have your order ready for pickup at the end of the week at the location you have opted in for. 

  • 6 juices per week = 60 juices total 
  • Valued at $600
  • Price: $480
  • You save $120

For further information on the actual pickup dates for each week, please select the month from the dropdown menu. 
1) Friday May 28 or Saturday May 29
2) Friday June 4 or Saturday June 5
3) Friday June 11 or Saturday June 12
4) Friday June 18 or Saturday June 19
5) Friday June 25 or Saturday June 26
1) Friday July 2 or Saturday July 3
2) Friday July 9 or Saturday July 10
3) Friday July 16 or Saturday June 17
4) Friday July 23 or Saturday July 24
5) Friday July 30 or Saturday July 31
1) Friday Aug 6 or Saturday Aug 7
2) Friday Aug 13 or Saturday Aug 14
3) Friday Aug 20 or Saturday Aug 21
4) Friday Aug 27 or Saturday Aug 28
5) Friday Sept 3 or Saturday Sept 4

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